Steve Morello

Steve leads procurement, communications and digital marketing support for road use charging, electronic tolling and ITS. Steve has worked in the transport sector for over 25 years. For the past 15 years he has been involved in the development of projects covering traditional tolling, urban congestion charging, electronic road pricing, heavy vehicle tolling, road use charging, and automated enforcement. He has significant experience in managing and evaluating integrated and multi-modal ITS projects and demonstrations. He is a senior specialist regarding ITS policy formation, development of applications and evaluation of their impacts through cost-benefit analysis and other metrics. He has also been active since 2001 as founding member of the IBEC (International Benefits Evaluation and Costs) working group.

Since joining D'Artagnan in 2011, Steve has led interoperability, communications and digital marketing support, and  participated in the review of tenders and virtual demonstrations for the Oregon Department of Transportation’s road usage charge program. He has provided international comparators, analyzing organizations alternatives and developing operational concepts for Washington State’s assessment of road usage charging. Finally, Steve developed several implementation scenarios to the Ministère des Transports du Québec for the project on interoperability of electronic toll collection for existing and future toll roads in Québec.

Before joining D’Artagnan, Steve gained 20 years of experience in ITS and business development at Egis Group where he was International Business Development Manager. He was involved in consulting and leading P3 and turn-key tenders for nationwide road user charging systems and toll roads in Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Slovenia, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, and the USA. This work included working with government clients and their advisors, potential consortium partners, equipment suppliers, and local contractors and consultants (technical, legal and financial). Prior to that he spent 15 years providing high level consulting services to national and international organizations on the development and evaluation of major European ITS deployment projects and programs including provision of support to governments concerning institutional and commercial issues of ITS systems and applications, technical project management and coordination. This included ITS stakeholder group outreach and management on behalf of the European Commission, and assessment of physical functioning, user acceptance and impact analyses of ITS applications. He has also advised on the impacts and rollout of major European Commission ITS deployment programs. Steve has authored more than 100 papers and presentations for specialized trade journals and ITS, transportation infrastructure, and tolling conferences around the world.