Matthew Dorfman

Matthew Dorfman is a Partner and Vice President in D’Artagnan Consulting with over 10 years of experience in the design, implementation, and testing of toll collection systems, road user charging systems, and ITS. He is currently leading technology research, development, and evaluation efforts for a groundbreaking vehicle mileage tax system in Oregon. In addition, he is assisting the Washington State Road User Charge Steering Committee by presenting Road User Charge collection technology options, as well as the policy implications of those options, to help the committee choose technologies and policies to explore.

Before joining D’Artagnan Consulting, Mr. Dorfman was an Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton where he helped develop their road user charging and ITS business. Prior to that, he was Strategy Manager at Kapsch TrafficCom. At Kapsch, he provided technical oversight of tolling projects, helped design plans to convert existing tolling systems to use the Kapsch open road tolling technologies, evaluated competitors’ tolling technologies, and helped senior management plan strategy for the U.S. tolling market. Earlier, he was a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton providing technical and policy support to the U.S. DOTs Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) Proof-of-Concept testing, in which he led testing of a host of applications employing 5.9 GHz DSRC equipment. He designed and coordinated end-to-end multi-vehicle tests of public sector software applications that utilized the VII system. Mr. Dorfman provided extensive analysis of data collected during the tests, which showed that the system fulfilled data loss and latency objectives. Mr. Dorfman also provided tolling consultancy to private clients and work on congestion charging projects including the Greater Manchester, UK, Congestion Pricing project.