Jim Whitty

Jim Whitty, Partner, has 20 years’ experience advising legislative and executive branch officials and industry leaders on transportation revenue issues and policy development, with special expertise in development of transportation funding and funding alternatives, such as road usage charges, and public private partnership programs.

Mr. Whitty led Oregon’s efforts on road usage charge legislation for 14 years while serving as the administrator of Oregon’s Road User Fee Task Force, an independent policy body that developed cutting edge usage charge funding policies for light vehicles that led to passage of the nation’s first per mile charge law. He crafted and orchestrated two successful per mile charge pilot demonstrations, the RUFPP in 2006-07 and the RUCPP in 2012-13, and the nation’s first operational road usage charge program known as OReGO. Regionally, he co-founded the Western Road Usage Charge Consortium, consisting of 14 U.S. states, and served as chair of the consortium’s steering group. Nationally, He co-founded the Mileage Based User Fee Alliance and served on the alliance’s board as vice president; participated in project panels examining implementable strategies for shifting to usage based charges for transportation funding and recommending system trials under the National Cooperative Highway Research Program; participated on USDOT’s Blue Ribbon Panel of Transportation Experts for National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Commission; participated in the Comptroller General’s Forum on Transforming Transportation Policy for the 21st Century; participated in the Harvard Kennedy School’s Forum Transportation Revenue Options: Infrastructure, Emissions and Congestion.

Before joining D’Artagnan, Mr. Whitty served as Director of the Office of Innovative Partnerships at the Oregon Department of Transportation where he focused on development of the groundbreaking Road Usage Charge Program and alternative funding and methods for engaging the private sector in sustainable transportation projects and policies. Under his leadership, the Office of Innovative Partnerships created the first private sector market and system for collecting Road Usage Charges for light vehicle travel, the nation’s first solar highway projects and an electric vehicle charging network, among other public private partnerships.

Prior to joining the Oregon Department of Transportation, Mr. Whitty served as Legislative Counsel for the Associated Oregon Industries, focusing on transportation and environmental affairs and as transportation advocate for the Portland Chamber of Commerce. While at AOI, he led development and passage of groundbreaking and innovative environmental legislation and assured business support for state transportation funding packages. He also practiced tax law for several years in private practice.

Mr. Whitty has traveled the United States and overseas giving over a hundred presentations and speeches at conferences and gatherings; he has testified before multiple state legislatures on the subject of charging by the mile. He has authored several seminal reports and papers about road usage charging systems and policies, including co-authoring an extensive future oriented paper for the Executive Committee of the Transportation Research Board. He has testified several times before congressional committees and congressionally created transportation commissions.