Jeff Doyle

Jeff Doyle, Partner, has 23 years’ experience advising legislative and executive branch officials on transportation law and policy development, with specific expertise in taxation, innovative finance, road usage charges, and sustainable transportation programs. He has created, led or provided key support to recent initiatives at the state, multi-state and federal level.  He served as state Project Director for Washington’s Road Usage Charge Assessment and Steering Committee; provided analysis of transportation revenue options for Indiana DOT; co-founded the Western Road Usage Charge Consortium consisting of several western states in the U.S.; and an examination of the costs of alternative revenue-generation systems for the National Cooperative Highway Research Program.

Before joining D’Artagnan, Mr. Doyle served as Director of Public/Private Partnerships for the Washington State Department of Transportation, where he focused on innovative financing, alternative funding, and new methods for engaging the private sector in important transportation projects and policies. He led initiatives to harmonize transportation taxation, new transportation energy sources and emerging vehicle technologies, resulting in several notable projects, including legislative authorization and policy development for Road Usage Charges. Prior to that, Jeff served as Senior Legal Counsel and Staff Coordinator for the House & Senate Transportation Committees in the Washington state legislature.  He was instrumental in the successful development of two bi-partisan transportation revenue measures, including the single-largest state transportation funding increase in the nation, which was ratified by a statewide public vote.

Having served as a transportation lawyer, policy adviser and public executive, Mr. Doyle has a unique understanding of the imperatives, constraints and potential solutions available within the public sector, allowing him to provide strategic yet practical, unbiased client advice and project support.