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Maintaining Momentum

CREDIT: Scott Wilson, Tolling Review—Thinking Highways, Vol. 10 No. 4

Of all of the countries to watch on road pricing in the next decade, Australia should be near the top of anyone’s list. Australia’s tolling experience is well known, with the greater metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane having six, two and six toll roads respectively (with more to come). On the other hand, it is also known for a handful of commercial failures in tolling…

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Like one of the family

How should visitors from out of state be treated under a RUC system? A number of Western US states are either implementing or looking into implementing road use charging for light vehicles. An important issue that comes to the fore concerns equal treatment for all road users within the boundaries of a specific state or jurisdiction. There is growing awareness among members of the general public that transitioning to road user charging (RUC) – as a means of generating sufficient revenue to repair and maintain our crumbling roadways – is fair and equitable to all citizens of their state or jurisdiction. However, there is also a growing concomitant concern about how to have a level playing field for both citizens of the jurisdiction subject to RUC and visitors from out of state under an operational RUC system.

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Saving lives, funding roads

Road safety, funding and financing will be among the key issues on the table at the inaugural IRF-Roads Australia Regional Conference for Asia and Australia, to be held in Sydney from May 4th – 6th, 2015.

The conference coincides with they UN Global Safety Week, with safer roads, worksites and other driver behaviors being a central focus of discussions.

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Getting a RUC pilot off the ground: US experts coming to Sydney to explain how

Senior US transport agency leaders involved in the design and rollout of road usage charging (RUC) pilots in Oregon and California will be speaking about the challenges and opportunities for trialling new road charging models at a major road industry conference in Sydney next month.

Norma Ortega from the California Department of Transportation and Jim Whitty from the Oregon Department of Transportation will discuss the paths their respective jurisdictions are taking to get RUC schemes from drawing board to live pilot.

In July this year, Oregon will launch a USfirst a pilot program involving 5,000 volunteer motorists who will pay a permile charge in lieu of gas tax.

Meantime, California facing an annual $5.9 billion backlog in state highway repairs has legislated to roll out a pilot scheme of its own by January 1, 2017.

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